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I’ve decided to write an article in English, so this is a first for me! And I was thinking about its topic, and telling you about my favourite computer games is a good one. Ever since I had a computer I loved playing computer games. I think that my first game was Age of Empire. I really like strategy games and I must say I wasn’t really into fighting that much, I was more the peaceful type of girl with many allies! But if it was necessary I could engage in battle. I also wanted to try AoE III but I really didn’t have the time.

Now let’s get down to business…kidding! After AoE, I started playing The Sims, the first one, and I must confess that my sister and I were crazy about it. We used to spend hours playing it and we never got bored. Then of course Sims 2 and Sims 3 appeared and once again we dedicated many hours to them. From these 3 games, Sims 2 was my favourite; even now I still have it on my computer. It was amazing, it had everything that it should have and I could play it for hours without getting bored. And now, of course, I received The Sims 4 as a gift; I like it, I play it quite often and even if it still is my favourite game ever I have to admit that it has some shortcomings. I play it anyway and maybe soon it will become better. I think I like it because I can create a different world, a different me , a different life in which I can do whatever I want. I know it’s silly, but building houses and playing different characters give me a sense of control and sometimes it helps me visualize some things better.

Recently I have played and finished Tomb Raider; it’s pretty nice and it wasn’t very difficult. I enjoyed playing it. I really liked a lot to use the bow and the arrows; I became handy in using them and killing the bad guys. It was funny.

Which comes next? Let’s see…I have also played Battelfield 3 Campaign Story and Battlefield 4 Campaign and I have finished both. Now I am trying to play Battlefield 4 Multiplayer, but I am not very good at it; everything moves too fast and I am not reacting as fast as I should. Most of the times I get killed easily, but I come back to life and try again.

And now I’ve started playing Mass Effect 3 but didn’t finish it; I don’t like it very much, maybe because of all that space story. I don’t like those games whose action takes place in space. So, because space stories weren’t for me, I started Dishonored, and I enjoy playing it more than the previous.

In conclusion I’d like to add that I am a big fan of computer games and every time I have the chance I like playing them. It’s a good way of having fun and if you play them multiplayer you can have a great time with your friends.

What other games do you recommend? What games do you like playing? Which is your favourite?


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  1. Alexandra zice:

    The Sims rămâne pe locul I. Dar îmi amintesc că jucam cu plăcere și Need for Speed, GTA, clasicul Bomberman și Chicken Invaders! Ce-i drept, eu nu prea am mai jucat de mult…parcă nu mai am răbdare! Cheers mate!

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