Cat lover

I am a cat lover and the happy owner of one cute cat. I have it for a year and a half and I think my cat it’s great. I have never had a pet when I was a child, and last year the opportunity of having one, just popped up. It’s a boy, it’s cute, funny and clean.

If I am a cat lover that doesn’t mean I don’t like dogs; on the contrary I like dogs too, but it’s difficult to have one in an apartment. I would have a dog, a golden retriever to be more precise, if I’d lived in a house.

Having a pet has its ups and downs, but when you think about it, it’s impossible not to love a tiny little animal. You teach it, you love it, you play with it and you become attached of it. Even if many people say that cats are a little bit selfish, I tend to disagree and I would rather say that cats are independent, and I think that is way I like them so much.

From my experience with cats, and it’s not much, but it’s something, I have to tell you that they can be wonderful pets; they are clean (if you teach them to use the litter box, also they spend a lot of time cleaning themselves) and they are able to understand some basic rules, such as ”get off the table” (although, they might do it again when you aren’t home 😀 )

Anyway, what are you? A cat lover or a dog lover?



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