By train…


I’ve always loved going by train…I find the sound soothing. Every day I go by train to my work and I always admire the landscape. It is the same, but somehow different. Each season puts its mark on the landscape. Now, the colours of autumn are amazing and the view takes your breath. You can feel the smell of autumn in the air and it’s a wonderful feeling that makes you happier and gives you energy, or at least that’s what happens in my case!

I prefer going by train, first of all because I have carsickness 😀 I will always choose the train instead of the car, wherever I will go! Then, there is also the pleasure of travelling and watching the cities or the villages fading away.

The train journey always relaxes me, makes me feel good and gives me time for myself. It is like being all alone but yet surrounded by people. I can plan my whole day, make lists, talk to my friend, answering to e-mails and messages. It’s time for me and it’s pretty funny to watch through the window and admire the lovely scenery which always surprises you.

What I like the most, except the view, is the fact that I can read, and I like starting my mornings this way: reading a good book on my way to work.

Of course there are the other people….I like saying that I am a people person and seeing different people every day makes me feel good. I like being surrounded by people and being in crowded places.

I’ve read somewhere that „things that move are a lot more interesting than things that don’t!” and maybe that is way I like trains so much! 😉

What do you think? What would you choose: trains, cars, planes…and why?


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