To trust or not to trust?! This is the question


What do you do when you are in relationship but because of several reasons, you do not trust the loved one?! Where does this trust issue come from? Why is it so difficult to trust someone?

Well….here’s what I think! Even from the beginning I have always decided to trust people. Even if I don’t know them very well, or if we are complete strangers, I always choose to trust them. I think that everybody is good, or at least until they prove me wrong. Trusting them is just a sign of my appreciation. I like to think that I am a people person and that’s why I’ve always chosen to see the good things in everybody. I apply this in my relationship, too! I have always trusted my significant other and until now, I don’t have any reason to complain. He has never disappointed me and I know that I have taken the right decision when I chose my partner.

But when it comes to relationships, I think that confidence and communication are the best way to start something serious. Because without them, we have nothing. If we don’t have reasons to feel unsure, then why do we still do this? It’s just a way of complicating our lives for nothing. If everything is ok, and we feel good together and we have fun,then why don’t we trust them? It’s a matter of choice. To trust or not to trust? My opinion is that trusting is the best option. Everybody deserves a chance, until they don’t.

So, take that leap of faith and trust your better half, because there is nothing better than a relationship based on trust, communication and love. You won’t be sorry, you’ll see 😉


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