What doesn’t kill you….

You know how the saying goes


There are some people who come up in our lives exactly in the moment we need them the most, and they remain there for us and become our best friends. Those are the people that you want to be close to you for better and worse. They are the ones with whom you can talk anything, have fun, make silly jokes, the ones with whom you don’t have to speak to much because they ”get you”, they understand you, maybe more than you can possibly imagine. Those friends are ”keepers”,  the ones who will never let you down no matter what, who will wipe your tears when you are sad and who will laugh with you when things are good.  They know your good side and also your bad side and they are there whenever you need them. They are not judgmental, they won’t try to change you, they will accept you the way you are, because that is the way how they met you in the first place.  Those are your friends, your family,  your ”persons”. 😉

And there are also the ”false friend”….

So, what do you do when the closest people, the ones that you thought they were your friends and with whom you got along so well, with whom you spent hours talking about anything and everything, in the end they made you feel like ****, hurt and disappointed you in so many ways and so deeply that it is hard for you to get over this?!

Will you loose your faith in people, will you never fall in love, will you ever let someone else get so close to you, break all those walls only to crush you again just all of a sudden? Or are you going to get up, clean yourself and get out from this mess with your head hold high?!

It’s all up to you…because if it happened then it was meant to happen….

Not everyone will hurt you, not everyone has bad intentions and maybe some of them won’t try to mislead you or to trick you…apparently not everybody is your friend even if they act like one.

Surround yourself with good people, happy, positive people and close friends who make you laugh and feel good and spend your time with the ones that really deserve your attention, and never lose your precious time with people who are treating you like an option and can’t put you first….it means they were never meant to be with you in the first place…

From every bad thing that happens to us we learn something, we learn how to be stronger and maybe more careful when we make our choices regarding the person we want as a friend….in the end we will all find out who was fake and who was true…but never forget that it’s all about you….


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