Honeymoon for one


I told you recently about a new website Bookbub from where you can find free Ebooks. While I was browsing through their recommendations I’ve found the book ”Honeymoon for one” written by Lily Zante. She writes wonderful stories about love, relationships, family and friendship.

This book is part of a series formed of ”Honeymoon for three”, ”Honeymoon blues” and ”Honeymoon bliss”. There is also a Book 5 which is due in January/February 2016.

The main character in ”Honeymoon for one” is Ava Ramirez, who on New Year’s Eve she is dumped by her fiance with just 6 weeks before their wedding. And if that is not enough her fiance also confesses that he has been cheating on her. Suffering and devastated, Ava announces her family about the tragic event and she decides going all by herself in her honeymoon in Italy.

Hoping to get over everything and forget all about the previous events, Ava, with a broken heart, arrives in Verona. At the airport she is welcomed by Nico and they head together to the hotel Casa Adriana.

During her holiday at the hotel, Nico will always be next to her, showing her the beauties of the city and helping her with whatever she needs. Will Ava fall in love with Nico, is she ready for a new relationship or will she stay apart from men for a while? I will let you find out how this first book of the series ends. 🙂

I really enjoyed reading this books, especially because it’s been a while since I’ve read something in English. It is funny and also romantic. The descriptions of the countryside are wonderful and they are very well written. It is a good book with nice settings and interesting characters whom you will surely like.


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