Or that’s what Joy (Jennifer Lawrence) does in the movie with the same title.  IMDb gave it only 6.5, but I would give it more because I really liked it. The movie lasts 1 hour and a half and it’s basically the life story of Joy Mangano, an American inventor, businesswoman and entrepreneur. She can be seen on TV on the shopping channel. The cast includes big names such as Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper (apparently I am watching many movies with him these days 😀 ) and Edgar Ramirez, among others.

A single mother and with a problematic family, Joy invents many things and starts the foundation for her new business. Even if she has to overcome many obstacles she will succeed and become an important businesswoman.  During the movie Joy will fall  many times but somehow she will gather the strength to rise up over and over again and get back in the game.

I liked the movie because it’s a wonderful story about love, family, strength and success. Becoming a successful person requires confidence, determination, power and imagination, and Joy has them all. She is a model, for many people, who teaches us that in order to succeed you have to work, and not just work but work even harder. Nothing comes to you if you just sit and wait, if you want something then you have to go and get it, all by yourself!  An inspiring  movie and a wonderful lesson! 🙂


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