The 7 steps to a perfect relationship


Of course you will wonder why did I pick 7? It’s easy: it’s my favourite number 😀 and…it has also some other more important meanings, which I won’t discuss here, because that’s not the topic nor the time!

Let’s see, as I was telling you, there are seven steps that will lead you to a perfect relationship, the one that you always dreamed of. Today I will tell you about the first one, the best, the one without we can’t live and we value most (or at least we should). I also have to add that I’m not an expert, I don’t know much about relationships (except mine and my friends 😀 ), but I like writing and sharing my thoughts on any subject, and today’s subject is love and relationships 🙂


Love, of course….what else? We could do nothing without it, and we wouldn’t have a relationship if we didn’t have love. Love – that wonderful feeling which gives you butterflies, that helps you connect with other human beings, which gives you hopes for a different life story, which makes you get up happier in the morning, which gives meaning to your life….because you just know that you love and you are loved… that mutual feeling that gets you closer to another person, THAT person, your SOULMATE.

How do we know that is love and when does it appear? Well, I will tell you about my case..I had crushes in the high school, then I had some other crushes while I was a student at the university…I cried and I laughed and I thought that I was in love, until one day, I met HIM, my future husband. I can’t say I loved him from the first moment (and he knows that, it took me some time to admit that I loved him 😀 ) I put my eyes on him, it didn’t happen like that…love, in my case, came after a month or so, I think….when I just knew that HE was the one with whom I will definitely get married. Even now, when I think about it, I can’t explain it. I just felt it, inside me; a voice told me that HE was THE ONE I was waiting for, and then I knew that everything else, any other feeling that I had and I thought it was love, it wasn’t. This was IT. This was LOVE. That type of love about I have read.

And now, after a couple of years, my love for him is still the same, or maybe not…it’s even bigger. The feeling grew bigger and bigger and bigger and stronger, as the time passed by. He still gives me butterflies (which is a surprise even for me), he makes me laugh and he takes care of me. He surprises me every single day and he is the love of my life. I still have moments when I just want to spend time just with him, just the two of us, without doing nothing, just being unsocial together (it doesn’t make sense, I know, it’s weird :D…we are kinda weird 😀 ), I just want to have him just for me, and this makes me a little bit selfish, I think, but it doesn’t matter 🙂

Going back to the first step, I can tell you that you will know, you will feel it and you will like it!!! You will love to love, to fall in love, to be loved. And, if you are in a relationship now, and you don’t feel it, just give it some more time, and if it still doesn’t come, then it’s not it, it’s not that special feeling that I’m telling you about. So, don’t lose any more time, go and find it, don’t just wait for it to happen, don’t dwell in a relationship that doesn’t have the most important ingredient, it’s base, the foundation, (it’s not worth it!), because sometimes you have to make an effort to bring it in your life!

And if you are not in a relationship right now, don’t rush into one just because you don’t like being alone…that’s not the right thing to do, believe me. Love comes in your life, when you are ready, at the right moment, not too early and not too late….love will find the perfect timing to appear, and then your entire life changes, in the good way :D, you’ll see 😉

To conclude with this first step, I just want to add that LOVE is the most important thing or better said feeling, that will bring you wonderful experiences, happiness and peace. You will feel complete, and then you’ll know 😉 That’s LOVE!!!!

 To be continued 😉


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