The 7 steps to a perfect relationship



If in the previous article I told you about the first step, which was love, if you remember, now I am going to tell you about the second step, and this is expectations. 

I don’t know about you, but I strongly believe that at the beginning of a relationship we should all say LOUD & CLEAR what we want, or better said, which are our expectations. What do you expect from this relationship? Do you want something serious, or is  it just one night stand? Are you willing to involve in it 100% or you are just looking for some fun? In my opinion we have to do that, (by that, I am referring to ask ourselves the above questions), because otherwise, misunderstandings will definitely appear. After you answered these questions, you can move along.  

We all know that the beginning is always hard and sometimes tricky because you don’t know each other very well, some of you are shy and you don’t have the courage to tell whatever you think because of the fear of being judged by the other person.  All that I can say is that you worry too much and you shouldn’t have to do that. It’s the right thing to do, at the beginning of a relationship to tell what you want.  Do you want honesty, or just fun, or commitment or communication, financial stability, a house with a pool and a car :D…whatever…you have to say it loud and clear. I want this, this and that…and I can give you that and that and that….end of discussion. What is the point of being grown-ups if we don’t have the courage to say what we think and what we want?!  Your partner can’t read your mind, can’t look into your big blue eyes and guess what you want from him/her….you have to tell him, he is not, and I repeat HE IS NOT a mind-reader! 😀 Don’t expect him to guess your wishes…because he won’t (at least not at the beginning); this type of communication comes after a while….so, tell him or her what you need, what you request and what you can offer to this relationship, to you. It will simplify things for you, because you will know where you stand and what is your position in all this relationship. 

So, stop thinking so much and stop analyzing what he or she will say or think about you, and just speak, tell whatever you want and ask what you need…don’t be afraid of talking and telling him or her about your plans for the future, your wishes, your expectations….If he or she like you and wants this relationship as much as you do, will understand and accept and will have the courage to share his or her expectations too…It is the right thing to do, trust me 😉 And if somehow you see him or her reluctant, then it’s not what you need. 

So, why shouldn’t we start our relationship with all cards on the table? Don’t you think it will be easier for both of you? Why should we waste precious time by talking about the weather, when we can talk about what we really want and need?! And remember, if you don’t say what you want and need and feel, nobody will do it for you, nobody will read your mind and guess your desires!!!  Try, and tell me what you think…:)


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