7 Steps to a perfect relationship



After love and communication, here comes TRUST and now I am talking about that confidence, or that faith that we should have in each other. It’s that important feeling without it we can’t found a relationship.

I consider it important, because if we don’t have it, then we have nothing. Trust should be at the foundation of any relationship of love or friendship or whatever…but it has to be there! Or else….what is the point of being in a relation if you don’t trust your partner?!

In my case, trusting in another person comes naturally. I like trusting people even from the beginning. It doesn’t matter that, at first you are a stranger for me and we basically don’t know each other at all, I will trust you, or better said I will confide in you, because you might deserve it, everybody does, or at least until you show me that I shouldn’t have done it! Wouldn’t you like to be trustworthy and no one will ever doubt you? Well, I would like that, and that is way I am offering you my trust. Take it and take care of it 😉

And because I started talking about relationships and the steps which will help you have a perfect relationship, I will tell you why do I think trust it’s so important. If you love someone and you are in a romantic relation with him, trust comes naturally. It’s what you do when you love. You trust your partner because he trusts you too and there weren’t any reasons not to do that(if there were, then this is another problem). I have never doubted my partner, he never gave me the reasons to do that, and I am thankful for that. If trust doesn’t exist, then there might be a problem, and jealousy might appear, insecurities also, doubts, worries and other things or feelings like that, which will affect your mood and your relation.

I like to think that in a relationship there is no need for worries and doubts and jealousy….these are not the kind of feelings that we want to have when we love. Why should we worry so much? Why should we think all day at what is our partner doing right now? Why did he go to speak on the phone in another room? Why didn’t he answer the phone while we were there, next to him? Why is he staying late at work? Why did he came late at home? Now, really….are these your biggest concerns? Don’t you have something more important to do than to think at all these things, which, deep down inside you,  you know that are not valid? Do you really have the time for that? Instead of worrying so much about this, you could just trust him. It’s less time consuming, trust me! Believe him when he tells you that he didn’t want to answer the phone because he was having dinner with you….or it was just a call from work, and now it’s his free time…or maybe something came up at work and he had to stay late, or he forgot to call you, or he just wanted to hang out with his buddies and have a drink after work! This, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore or that it’s a sign that you shouldn’t trust him! These are all situations that might appear, and we have to deal with them like normal people do, without overthinking! It’s useless to worry when you don’t have to, when there aren’t any signs that you should do that! You are just complicating your life, without any good reason!

So, my advice to you is to TRUST your partners! They deserve that, because they trust you, too! Stop worrying so much, and just relax and be happy! You are in a relationship, you are loved and life is awesome, so enjoy it, because you deserve it! 😉 Take that leap of faith, and see what happens 🙂

Coming soon: Step 4 – FREEDOM


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