The Awakening


”The Awakening – Finding Love” is a book written by Lorhainne Eckhart and is part of a series, ”The Outsiders Series” to be more precise, and it is book 3 (which I have found out after I had already started the book :D). 

It is the story of Andy and Laura; Andy Friessen is a wealthy and good looking man who comes from a powerful family who is used with the fact that money can solve and buy anything, and Laura, a single mother of 20 years old, who can barely earn her living and support her little boy, Gabriel, aged 4. At the beginning of the book we see Laura, working for the Friessen family as a maid; but even from the first pages we witness her being fired by Caroline, Andy’s mother. From this moment on, her troubles start. She will be unemployed, without her last pay check and soon she will also remain without a house to live in, because she is late with the payment of the rent. She will be forced to spend some days in her car with her son, facing the cold and the lack of food. Her luck seem to change when she meets with Diana Friessen who offers her help, but unfortunately too late, because soon after their meeting, her child is being taken from her by the Social Services. I won’t tell you more about it, you will have to read it and find out all by yourselves! 😉

I also want to tell you that, even if the book is part of a series it can be read without the others, because every book tells a different story about different characters. But, I think I will read the others too, because I really liked this one. I really enjoyed reading this book because of its story which has its dramatic parts but also happy events full of love and friendship. It’s a book about social classes, about money and their power to corrupt and destroy everything, but also about how can they be used to do good things and help good people. A moving story with heroes and villains, with love and hatred, and happy endings 😉



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