7 Steps for a perfect relationship



Freedom, a powerful word with an important meaning, especially in a relationship. We are free people and we also live in a free country, so why shouldn’t we have the same freedom in a relation?! 

Before being in a relation and before being romantically involved with your significant other, you used to be free, to have the freedom of doing whatever you want, without giving explanations, without having to justify every single move you do,and everything was OK. So why wouldn’t be the same after you are in a relation? Why should we change? Why should we become other people, who have to overthink some things before saying them, who don’t have the freedom of saying and doing whatever they want….just because they are now in a relationship?! 

Well, I strongly disagree with that!!! We have to have freedom, we have to be free, we have to give our partner some space just for him, some freedom of doing whatever he wants to, without worrying! 

Tell me, don’t you want some ‘alone time’ just for you once in a while? Some time for you, in which you can do whatever you want to, hang out with your friends, go shopping, visit some people, go for a walk with your best friend, spend time with your sister….sit and relax all by yourself! I think this time it’s important for you, for us, because we all need time alone and if we are in a relationship this doesn’t mean that we have to be with our partner 24/7.

So, take some time off just for you, relax and feel awesome all by yourself, because it’s good to be free even if you are in a relationship 😉 


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