7 Steps to a perfect relationship



I think that in a relationship it is advisable to be aware of your status, I mean everybody wants to know which are their role in their relationship, where do they stand, what is their place, do we have a future together or what we are having it’s just for fun?! And when we say we, I talk about us, women, because we always want to know if this is going somewhere or not? And I am not talking only about awareness regarding your status in the relationship, I am also talking about we being aware of what is going on in it, if there are problems that need to be fixed, if there are some subjects that you didn’t get to talk about (like baptize your children or not, getting married, having or not having a wedding party, and not especially in this order, but you know what I mean 😀 )

When you are in a relationship and you have found your better half, this doesn’t mean that now you can relax and take it easy…it’s true you have stability and one partner, but this doesn’t mean that’s all! You have to pay attention to your partner’s feelings and problems; you have to spend time together, have fun, cook or just talk.

My point is that we have to be aware of each other, because otherwise everything can fall apart, and then we won’t be able to save anything, because there’s nothing left to be saved!

So, be aware! Spend time with the one you love and when you do that, do it completely, without any distractions, be fully there with him or with her! Make those moments spent together count! Because, at the end of the day, you will realize that all that matter were those precious moments shared with the one you love!


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