7 Steps to a perfect relationship


First we have to accept ourselves, the way we are and the way we look, feel and act. And only after that we will be able to accept others too! When we talk about acceptance in a relationship, I am referring actually at the fact that you accept your partner the way he or she is. You won’t try to change him or improve him in any way. Because, if you remember, that’s the way how you met him in the first place, and you liked him just the way he was then….so why would you change him now?! Don’t you like him anymore? Or are you bored and you need a change?!

If your partner accepts you as you are, why would you try to change him? Aren’t you good together like that? Aren’t you happy? Don’t you have all you want? I think you do….So, that is way you should embrace acceptance in your life 😉 

You will see that at one moment in your relationship you will both learn to accept yourselves the way you are. Maybe you will both try to change in time, but this has to come from within you, from your own mind and not as a recommendation from behalf of you partner!


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