Even if it’s number 7 on my list of steps, this doesn’t mean it’s not important! On the contrary, it’s very important and we need to pay attention to this aspect, too! When I am talking about intimacy I am not referring especially at the physical act(although this is also very important:D). I am talking about connecting with your partner so deeply that you can really see inside him or her, inside his or her soul! It’s that type of intimacy that allows you to share your feelings freely, without worrying that they can offend your partner in some way.

I think that intimacy it’s about opening up in front of your partner, being ‘naked’ in the way that you show yourself as you truly are, with your qualities and your shortcomings, and you feel fine with that. Because you know that you opened your heart completely and you are loved for exactly what you are! A human being, not perfect, but who tries to reach perfection through love, affection and intimacy! That is way a couple is formed of two people….because you are not perfect until you find your better half and then you make a whole, which is just perfect together!

Intimacy is the secret ingredient of every good relationship! It’s when you are sleeping next to your partner, it’s when you cuddle, it’s when you can be weird and make silly jokes and know that it’s ok! It’s that feeling of safety, when you know that you can tell anything you want, when you can put down all your walls that you built to protect yourself from suffering and show yourself as you truly are! 

And it’s not always about sex! It’s about the most common things that you like doing together, those moments when you are just enjoying of each others’company, it’s when you allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of your partner and knowing that it’s ok! The long walks together, the trips, holding hands, smiling and being happy together, talking about the future, about your plans, revealing your deepest thoughts and insecurities, knowing that you won’t be judge! That’s intimacy for me…it’s love, trust, affection, sex, attention, communication…it’s everything that helps you have a strong and everlasting relationship 🙂


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