In a perfect world…


In a world full of technology, surrounded by smartphones, tablets, smart watches, computers and laptops we forget to connect with each other, we tend to forget how to communicate and how to be really there for the people who count the most in our lives. I am not rejecting technology, on the contrary, I approve it…it’s useful, it makes our life easier, it improves our work, it helps us a lot….It really helped me a lot in many occasions, but, in the same time I got to the conclusion that it drags us apart….puts distance between us and the real world. We forget how to live, how to enjoy the small things that really count…we drift apart of the important things and we spend all our life in ‘checking in’ and ‘keeping in touch’ on the Internet!

We forget how to talk, how to be there, how to listen and how to communicate. It makes us cold, it transforms us into robots! Everywhere you look you will see people walking but not enjoying their walk, because they are way too busy to be present on their phones, to post something or just to check in…you see people in cafes, who instead of talking to each other and enjoying their cup of coffee, they are talking through their phones…people who even if are face to face, they don’t talk, don’t listen…they are not really there with you…it’s like they don’t see you anymore, and this is sad!

In a perfect world we would build real and meaningful relationships and not fake ones through the Internet! In a perfect world we would walk in the park and we would admire the nature, the landscape, we would speak and we would listen…In a perfect world we would be really there for our friends and not just half there….we would put our phones on silent, we would enjoy our ride, we would have the time to see everything and we would be there, fully there….

Imagine what would happen if Wi-Fi wouldn’t exist?! Would it be that bad and terrible to just talk with the person in front of you? Would it be so terrible if you couldn’t post anything on your Facebook account? Would the world change? Would it be better or worse? Would this really ruin your day? I think that you would have time to be with your friends, to play a game with your child, to visit your parents or your grandparents, who by the way don’t have a Facebook account to find out what their grandchildren are doing!!!!

I am not telling you not to use all these modern devices, on the contrary, use them, but with moderation! Don’t let yourselves caught in a world where only your number of followers counts…remember that at the beginning you used to spend time with your family and friends; you were really there and you were really listening to what were they saying…and the world was still there….Remember that at the end of the day it’s not the number of posts that you made counts, but those moments spent with the ones you love! Those moments can’t be caught in a post, but they can remain in your mind as a beautiful memory that you will never forget! You create memories by being there, not by posting about them! 

It’s not life you spend it online! It’s life only if you get out there and live it 😉


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