The Blind Years


Author: Catherine Cookson

Year: 1998

Publisher: Bantam Press

Rating: 3/5

It has been a while since I haven’t read a book in English and that is way I decided to start doing it! So, I took the first book in English from my shelf and started reading it! 

Catherine Cookson was born in Tyne Dock, the illegitimate daughter of a poverty-stricken woman, Kate. She was originally acclaimed as a regional writer and her many bestselling novels established her as the best-loved of contemporary women novelists. 

”The Blind Years” it’s a short novel about love, family, revenge and mysteries. It is the story of Bridget, a girl whose parents were killed, and after that she went living with her uncles, the Overmeer family who were staying at Balderstone. Bridget falls in love with the son of her uncles, Laurence, and they soon prepare for getting married. But a meeting with Bruce Dickenson, an old friend of hers, makes Bridget think twice before getting on with the wedding and since this moment on, a family conflict starts. 

The novel of a damsel-in-distress who is manipulated to get married for her money it was easy and quick to read. It has interesting characters and the plot is pretty good, and even if sometimes is a little predictable, it makes you want to read it until the end to find out how does this conflict finish.

So, if you want to read something enjoyable and not very long, you should give it a chance! 😉 Maybe it will surprise you 🙂

”Youth is likened unto a field of weeds and tares

That harvests the blind years

And not until they are scythed low

Will new seed grow”.


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