Let’s learn the ABC!


Learning and teaching a second language is challenging, especially if you have to teach children of different ages and levels. When I first started to teach English to small children from primary school I thought it was very difficult and I really had no idea of how to deal with them, even if I have learned at the university the theory. The practice is totally different; nobody tells you what will you find in a classroom. But eventually you adapt, you get to know the students and you find your own rhythm and pace. I enjoy teaching children from primary school because they learn very easy and you can play with them and use so many games through which they acquire new vocabulary. And of course, they are the most honest students, they share everything with you, they are fun to teach and to watch. 

When teaching them the alphabet I always use songs because they are catchy and children love them. My favourite songs with which I teach the alphabet are the ones from Dream English Kids:

Even if songs are useful, flashcards are very good, too! Children like to see and to touch things; some of them learn better if they can see the actual letter, or if they can make some connections. My favourite flashcards that I use in the classroom are these: abc-flashcards. There are many others and you can find some on this site.

What other ways and methods do you use to teach the alphabet?


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