The White Queen

I was planning to watch this movie for a few months but I have never had the time. This has changed during the winter holiday when I started it and I wasn’t sorry at all.

”The White Queen” is a British TV series which has only 1 season with 10 episodes that last approximately one hour.  It appeared in 2013 and it was inspired by the bestseller ”The Cousins’ War” written by Philippa Gregory.

The movie talks about the war between the York and the Lancaster who wanted the throne of England. During this war, Elizabeth (Rebecca Ferguson) married with Sir John Grey (who died in the battle) is now a widow with 2 children and no fortune at all. Edward the IVth (Max Irons) meets with her one day and they fall in love. Because Elizabeth refuses to become his mistress, the two lovers will get married and from that moment all their problems will begin.

 In my opinion it is a very good movie which uses some parts of the history and makes a wonderful plot full of intrigue, romance, witchcraft and action. It will catch you from the first episode with its gorgeous costumes and the amazing cast and you won’t be sorry if you watch it until the end. 😉


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